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oncrete Jungle's mission in life is to guide architects, designers, and homeowners through an exciting new world of design that's accentuated
by concrete.
Picking up where the Roman Empire left off, Concrete Jungle continues to pioneer innovative uses for a material that is surprisingly flexible. Countertops, furniture, sinks, fireplaces, and wall panels are just a few of the applications now available. New forms of this incredibly solid, yet incomparably tactile material easily find their way into the home, retail store, restaurant, or office. A variety of custom matched colors, textures, and edges turns concrete into a totally versatile material, with all the durability of natural stone.

Concrete's natural appeal has inspired a list of clients that includes AOL Time Warner, Sprint, and the NFL's Baltimore Raven's. Concrete Jungle's work has been featured in The Washington Post, Baltimore Magazine, Luxury Homes Magazine, Style Magazine and others.

About the founder
Kelly Carr spent 20 years in the kitchen re-modeling business before he discovered the material that would change his life. His practical experience as a contractor uniquely qualifies him to shape concrete into a variety of applications. His appreciation for creative design not only breaks things out of the box, but also tears the box up into little tiny pieces and scatters them to the winds.

A business trip to California introduced Kelly Carr to a concrete table. He was instantly captivated by the absolutely smooth feel of the material that is also imbued with a look and feel of subtle softness. "I couldn't keep my hands off it," Carr says. And he hasn't stopped playing with it since.

The initial seduction was followed by an intense period of research as Carr learned everything there was to know about concrete. Along the way he began conducting his own experiments with colors, edges, shapes and colors, pushing the material into places where it had never been. The material objected at first, but under Kelly's confident grasp it soon succumbed to his wishes.

Carr designed shower surrounds for bathrooms, floor tiles for kitchens, and sculptural elements for the garden. Concrete benches appeared in living rooms, sinks were combined with counter tops and fireplaces sprang to life.

As a new world of possibilities opened up to him, Kelly Carr formed Concrete Jungle in 1996 and has never looked back. Years of product development has resulted in a tried and true formula that still remains open to the individual tastes and sensibilities of architects, designers, and homeowners.