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oncrete Jungle's Frequently Asked Questions:

Does concrete stain?

Like other natural stones, concrete can be stained by certain liquids including cooking oil. To lessen the possibility we thoroughly seal our product with several layers of sealer. The last layer is actually Butcher’s brand paste wax. To further protect your concrete we recommend covering areas prone to heavy grease exposure with paper towels until the danger passes. Re-sealing every four months (a quick and easy process) will also help.

Can you cut directly on the surface?

No. Although you will not damage the concrete, you will damage the sealer. Which will leave marks on the surface and allow stains to penetrate the concrete.

How do I clean it?

With warm soapy water. We recommend non-abrasive cleaners and no cleaners that contain ammonia or bleach. This is because they break down the surface sealer over time.

Can I place hot pans on my counter top?

You can but we don’t recommend it. Concrete won’t burn or scorch but the sealer may be damaged. Intense heat may result in small cracks or blistering of the surface. So, it’s best to play it safe and use a trivet.

Does concrete crack, chip or flake?

Yes. But, usually only if struck with a hard object. The edges are eased to help minimize against chipping.  Should cracks or chips occur they can be repaired by one of our technicians (additional fee applies).

Does the color vary?

Yes. The texture may vary a bit as well. This is because every item we make is custom and hand made from natural ingredients (sand, water, Portland cement and natural colors) that are not consistently the same.

Can I use it outdoors?

Absolutely. It’s a great product to use outdoors for items such as benches, grill surrouonds and countertops for outdoor serving areas. Whatever your imagination may produce we can too.

How long before my item(s) are be installed?

Usually between 4 and 5 weeks from the date of your measure/templating. See our "process" page for more information.

Are the counter tops poured on site?

No. Counter tops, vanities and fireplace surrounds are precisely measured on-site and templated. From those templates, we cast, finish and seal your product at our facility in Frederick, MD. We will then deliver and install the finished item(s).

How long can a counter top can be made -without a seam?

7 feet. (For other items, a good rule of thumb is 21 square feet (7’ x 3’) without any cut-outs for sinks or cooktops.) Otherwise, it has a tendency to crack.

Can a backsplash be 7 feet long too?

No. Because we cast them thinner (usually one inch thick) than our counter tops and are therefore more fragile. Besides, no wall is ever perfectly straight and a seam here and there allows the backsplash to  follow any irregularities in the wall.

Note: On occasion, a backsplash section can be cast 30 inches in length.

What colors are available?

While we have over a dozen standard colors to choose from, we are able to customize a color and/or finish any way you like. Want to match your favorite couch? Want to put pieces of glass or metal in your fireplace surround? We can do it.

Are special supports needed?

Sometimes. Standard cabinetry can support the weight of our countertops. However, other items –without cabinets beneath- may require additional support.