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oncrete is the final product formed by combining sand, water, gravel, and cement. This is the same basic recipe that's used in sidewalks, but Concrete Jungle has perfected subtle variations that lead to exciting new products. Playing off the formula, Concrete Jungle introduces custom colors, edges, swooping lines, and most important, a labor-intensive finishing method that removes rough edges and gives the material a silky feel that belies its inherent strength.

If you are interested in having us
make a concrete item or items for
you, the first thing you need to do
is fax your sketches or plans to us at
(301) 874-0101 or e-mail them to us at
Don't be shy, they don't have to be pretty, just accurate. We'll look them over and get back to you with an estimate.

1.) Approved estimate. Once we receive an approved/signed estimate we require a 50% deposit to begin work on your new project.

2.) Schedule a site visit for Measure and Templating. Precise measurements are taken -at the installation site- that are then used to create your custom molds. Some projects will not require a site template, though, a site visit is usually recommended.

3.) Molds are made. Depending on the application, they are made from wood, plaster, or rubber.

4.) Choose your color. Once the mold process is under way, clients are invited to explore color options by reviewing available samples. Custom coloring can also be explored if the client prefers to match a color that's already in the design scheme. Once a sample color has been approved by the client, the final mix is poured into the molds.

5.) Drying/Curing. Once an item is cast, it begins "curing". This can take as long as twenty eight days. During this time excess water evaporates from the material as the water's weight is replaced by air.

6.) Finishing. After curing, the painstaking tasks of smoothing and hand-polishing begins. The final touch that brings the magic of concrete to life. What emerges is a totally custom, individually designed, piece of art.

7.) Installation. By now we will have contacted you and scheduled an installation date and time. Depending on the project, an installation can take a few hours or a few days.

This whole process usually takes between 4-6 weeks to complete. The difference being uncharacteristically rainy, humid or cold weather.

When planning for the weight of a concrete element, one should use the mass of natural stone, granite or marble as an approximate guideline.